We Are Quattro re-brands as EVONA, positions Itself to be a thought-leader in space-sector recruiting (recruitment) with engaging new website


EVONA®: Never Go to Space Alone®


Bristol, UK - 03 February 2020

Bristol-based space-sector recruitment firm, We Are Quattro, has changed its name to EVONA and launched a new website ( The rebranding initiative comes as EVONA signals its readiness to expand staffing and recruiting services from the UK and Europe to serve global markets with an emphasis on the US market. 

EVONA was founded by four experienced space industry recruiters and career-shapers: Ryan Hill, Richard Joyce, Tom Kelly, and Jack Madley. The founders have made it their mission to further the progress of today’s space sector by preparing and sourcing talented members of the space workforce. As Tom Kelly sums it up:

“We’re tremendously excited to show job-seekers and our clients just how simple and painless recruiting can be—and the big difference that impassioned, space-focused recruiters can make on a space-sector company’s trajectory. More than that, we’re excited to demonstrate to the world the enormous impact that the space industry will have on life as we know it.”  

EVONA’s rebranding, led by Minnesota-based marketing consulting firm LENKER (, was necessary in order to highlight the founders’ aspirational vision for the space industry; namely, their sincere belief that a healthy, growing space sector is a vehicle for improving the quality of life on Earth, and for securing an optimistic future for humanity. EVONA’s tagline, “Never Go to Space Alone,” underscores the company’s intention to foster a global network of passionate industry talent and companies who will work together to elevate the potential of humankind. 

A key component of EVONA’s mission is instilling an interest in and passion for space-sector careers in school-age students, as they represent the next generation of minds who will help move humanity beyond Earth in the decades to come. EVONA’s in-school programs and online curricula aim to inspire and prepare students to take the steps necessary to pursue careers in the space industry. 

About EVONA: EVONA provides staffing solutions for space industry companies of all sizes, and places employees in a range of roles from contract-based to permanent and C-level positions. For job-seekers around the globe, EVONA is a portal through which the most exciting space sector careers can be accessed. Learn more at 


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